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Meditate or just be Quiet for 5 Minutes

Jane Stephenson

Marianne Williamson gave an inspired talk on March 31st in Dublin. One of the things that resonated with me was her plea to bring spirituality back into our lives. I find myself not taking time to be quiet, to meditate, to spend time with my god, my higher self, my inner guide - or whatever you want to call it - we all have souls and we often forget this. She suggested that busy stressed people take time in the morning to just be quiet - even it if only for 5 minutes. The benefits of this practice are huge. It will set you up for the day ahead.  If you are a young mother you can say to your child 'this is mummy's time with God' or 'this is mummy's quiet time', the children will understand and will incorporate that practice into their lives too, rather than having to be constantly distracted by outside influences like screens and machines. We don't need constant stimulation but we live in a world where we can get it all the time.