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It's Not About You

Jane Stephenson

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Let’s get it straight here, having lived a while and worked with some of best spiritual teachers in the world I have learnt the core message is not about becoming our own love focus but rather about loving ourselves enough to put ourselves ASIDE, to forget about ourselves, to let life flow without being in the way. As John Lennon so succinctly put it – life is something that happens when you are busy making other plans. Don’t get lost in your own story but draw from it and be aware of what is going on around you, be ready to live intuitively, to pick up signs from all around you. Put your judgements and negative thoughts aside and live openly and with compassion. Don’t try and ‘fix’ others, no matter how clearly you might see they need fixing, they have to do it their own way and besides it is arrogant of you to presume you can fix them.