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Angela’s passion for discovering how to attain the “Divine Design” in one’s life has been a driving force for her since childhood. Angela, a Board Certified Naturopath, registered Holistic Health Practitioner and Energy Kinesiologist, has taught and lectured internationally. She developed a program known as Polarity Reflex Analysis and Nutritional Assessment (P.R.A.N.A,) and in 2000 was the guest speaker at the Medical Breast Cancer Conference in Grado, Italy, representing the alternative health care field. As a clinician for over three and a half decades, Angela brings to the teaching and lecture circuit all of the skills that actually work on clients in a clinical setting, as opposed to theoretical solutions that may or may not be effective. Angela counsels her clients that they are already whole, complete and perfect and are designed to be happy, healthy and prosperous.


The Karmic Cleansing System

We have been going about healing ourselves all wrong!  We have been spending our time identifying and attacking the disease, detoxing the disease or changing lifestyles, and we still have the same problems, only more of them.  My patients inspired the Karmic Cleansing System, through the discovery of the belief they were victims to their bodies instead of having dominion over it.  I discovered this belief was not a personal belief, but a collective belief.  This occurred because of imprinted patterned karmic thinking they inherited either through DNA, or past experiences from another time, or from early childhood. They did not choose these beliefs they just had them!

Learn how to identify how Karmic imprinted beliefs affect your health and vitality.  The mind is divided into two: higher mind and lower mind.

               •             Lower-mind frequencies are focused on survival – fear-based                                                 thinking.

               •             Higher-mind frequencies are focused on spirit – love-based thinking.

When you clean and release the lower mind karmic imprint frequencies, the mind becomes free to integrate and align with higher-mind energies so that optimal health is enjoyed at any age.  

Join us for a couple of hours of fun, discovery and enlightenment about how the frequency of the state of your health, is dictated by the frequency that you are vibrating at in your consciousness.  The frequency of your consciousness is dictated by your lower mind or your higher mind.  Enjoy the process of learning about your Real self, your Higher self. 

Further information call Rosaleen 086 8188123 or email Rosaleen Kelly

 Cost €10 per person.

Pay on Door.