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Live From Your Heart, An Introduction to Heartmath - Howard Martin

  • Talbot Hotel Stillorgan Stillorgan Road Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)
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The art and science of living from your heart - How heart intelligence is changing the world. 

Attend Up-Lift 2018: Change Your Life, Help Change the World with Howard Martin, co-author of The HeartMath Solution and Heart Intelligence.

The Situation:

Most of us have been experiencing a speeding up in our lives. We feel it on the inside. We experience it in the busyness of our daily activities. Day-to-day life often feels like a relentless, accelerating momentum that is hard to keep up with.

The Challenge:

How do we find the balance needed to flow with the evolutionary speed of change, to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment instead of just feeling like we are surviving?

The Opportunity:

The same un-seen forces that are driving high-speed, chaotic change are also giving us the ability to grow, to learn to change in positive ways unlike ever before in the history of humankind.

The Solution:

Our ability to make choices that align us with this expansion of consciousness and co-creative power come not from the mind alone but rather from the core of our being—from the intelligence of the heart.

Developing the intelligence of the heart and leading a more heart-connected life are evolutionary imperatives of these times.


Experience Howard Martin—author, celebrated international speaker and progressive business leader—one of the most compelling voices of our times. Howard Martin, a key HeartMath leader, is co-Author of the highly acclaimed book The HeartMath Solution and contributing author of Heart Intelligence. Perhaps you have read his books, heard him speak or have seen him in movies like The Power of the Heart, The Incredible You and The Truth.

Now, you have the opportunity to do a special program with him to learn and experience the profound work of the HeartMath.

Backed by More Than 25 Years of Research… And Earning The Trust of More Than 5 Million People… In More Than 100 Countries.

Used by: Fortune 500 Companies, The Military, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and Many Thousands of People Pursuing Personal Growth.

In this Special Program you will:

  • Learn about a dimensional shift in consciousness

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the global changes we are experiencing

  • Experience science-based techniques to access more intuition, reduce feelings of overload, fear and insecurity and use your core power to affect planetary consciousness

  • Understand break-through research on heart/brain/body communication

  • Experience science-based techniques to access more intuition, manage your emotions, reduce feelings of overload, fear and insecurity

  • Witness a real-time demonstration of the heart’s biological communication

  • Explore HeartMath’s interconnectivity research on energetic field environments and how we relate to them

Howard Martin Speaker


“A new world is emerging right before our eyes. The new intelligence we need to become the conscious co-creators we are meant to be is practical intuition and it is available right now. Intuition is accessed through the intelligence of the heart, our point of connection to the universal field of consciousness that drives evolution" Howard Martin

“Howard Martin has inspired thousands of people around the world to gain better control of their lives. His work is paramount in helping people change their health, increase their mental edge, realize their spiritual connection by opening their heart and unfold into a more enriched destiny. His eloquent presentations are simple, light-hearted, inspirational, scientifically valid, and most importantly, they work. Howard is the living example of the natural balance between head and heart.”           Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured speaker in What the BLEEP Do We Know,     author Evolve Your Brain