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What Do Children REALLY Want? - Dr Alweena Awan

  • Talbot Hotel Stillorgan Road Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)

Children seem to be coming into this world in a more evolved and heightened state of awareness Their true essence seems to be pure and they are an immense source of wisdom and inspiration before they are exposed to all of our incongruities and limitations. These children seem to be much more aware in mind and spirit. They know and explain things that are not of a child-like quality.

These children are connected, congruent, present and authentic. They state precisely what they know to be true for them. They speak from a place of certainty and authenticity about something that they genuinely feel, and then, most frequently, simply are present. Love, light, and compassion are the dominant themes of their inner remembering. They need to feel safe and adored so they can to speak of their own unique inner knowing about the world beyond this physical domain.

Working from a pure heart, these children are gifted with an inner knowing, knowledge and intuitive ability. Misunderstood by outdated thinking and teachings, these many of these sensitive and children can be labelled with behaviour or learning disorders or dysfunctional behaviour. They are not dysfunctional, they are different and so do not fit into the ‘neat, little boxes’ that society and the conventional educational system has created for them. These children are not disordered, but re -ordered and that they are gifted and misunderstood

The suppression of who they are can create a sense of disconnection with the physical body which can create fear and anxiety. This can trigger behavioural issues and health problems. When dealing with these sensitive souls, it is imperative to consider all aspects of their care including their physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual states.  They need to feel safe, nurtured and in control of their bodies i.e. physically literate

More importantly they really know what they want!

The talk will address: -

  • What are they like and what is the role of these children?

  • Why Physical Literacy is important and how it is hindered

  • How do we best support and nurture them and what kind of education do they need?

There will be guidance 'parenting skills/attributes that best suit these children to help support and nurture them and their families.

Finally, what do they really want?

 This information will be of value to teachers, educators, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and anyone linked children.