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Gabriella Kortsch
Gabriella Kortsch

Rewiring The Soul

Date: 24th March 2012 (Sat)
10.00am-4.00 pm
Ailesbury Suite, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, D4


Pay on door possible - registration at 9.30pm

Students/OAPs €45.00 - select booking option at checkout

Rewiring the Soul:
Using Conscious Intention to Connect to Your SELF in Daily Life

Critically acclaimed author Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. offers the central thesis of her book ‘Rewiring the Soul’ in this premiere Dublin workshop that examines the impact of conscious intention in the process of connecting to the SELF in daily life.

Ask anyone, whatever their circumstances, if their life is vibrant, fulfilling, harmonious and happy. An honest reply is likely to be 'no', because to answer a truthful 'yes' is no mean feat. Only to grow psychologically and emotionally is not enough. And only to grow spiritually is not enough either. All three dimensions need to be developed in order to realize your full potential.

If you are willing to assume total responsibility for the self and to start what is an on-going journey, you will quickly begin to glimpse the first fruits of the ultimate goal: inner well-being, freedom, peace, harmony and joy.

In this seminar, Dr. Kortsch sets out the map to the use of conscious intention to connect to your SELF in daily life. That leads to self-mastery and self-discovery and walking that pathway will be the most exciting adventure you will ever have embarked upon.

A revelation of insight into the foundations of human suffering & transcendence. It not only lays out essential steps for inner freedom & joy but illuminates the way to true human potential. Dr. Kortsch is a spiritual master for our time. Paul Rademacher, Exec Dir, The Monroe Institute; author: A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe

"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theatre, Ashland, Oregon; author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"The instruction manual on rewiring the soul. An in-depth guide on life, love, spiritual evolution & our integration within the universe." Michael Habernig & April Hannah; Producers: The Path- The Afterlife & The Path 11 Documentaries

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world & practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd; Founder; author: Daring To Be Yourself

"The human being's directory to the soul. A breakthrough for those seeking practical assistance, those of a more mystical bent & every soul awaiting discovery." Toni Petrinovich, Ph.D.; author: The Call: Awakening the Angelic Human

Gabriella Kortsch is the author of the recently-published Rewiring the Soul, of which Peggy Rubin, teaching associate of Jean Houston & Director of the Center for Sacred Theatre wrote: “The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful.”

Gabriella is a practicing integral psychotherapist in Marbella, Spain, with a doctoral degree in psychology from Florida International University. She teaches an on-going series of 14 workshops titled The Conscious Journey Within. Two of these: Fatherless Women and Motherless Men as well as Relationships: Priceless Tools for Self-Understanding, Growth, and Inner Freedom, are available as CD’s.

After five years (2003-2008) of weekly one-hour radio broadcasts in Spain, Gabriella moved to the internet to broadcast another kind of show: Rewiring the Soul until 2010. Her blog by the same name and her monthly newsletter offer continual uplifting and inspirational articles.

She is currently working on her next book about spiritual partnership: Background Music, which is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2012 and Rewiring the Soul will be available in audio format in the spring.

For over three decades Gabriella has been deeply involved in a variety of clinical therapies and alternative healing modalities. Long interested in Jungian analytic psychology, integral psychology, and dream interpretation, she has studied these together with mythology, compared religions, symbolism and related fields. In her writing and work she strongly emphasizes the holistic or integral (physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual) human being. Born in Germany, raised in Canada and Switzerland, she has also lived extensively in Mexico, Spain and the USA. She has three sons.

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